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This section contains the material and describes the requirements to achieve a Music Proficiency Level Qualification in the Cadet Music Program. This is a requirment for certain Band Summer Training Courses, and also is recorded as an accomplishment in a Cadet's Record.

We will be offering in-house Music Proficiency Level Qualification preparation and testing in the Band Workshops, held several times a year.

This is open to all Cadets, not just Band Members.

Instructor Guides and QSP
Basic (Basic, Level 1, Level 2) Intermediate (Level 3, Level 4, Level 5)

Military Band - Music Proficiency Levels Qualification Standard

This document contains the qualification requirements, how the testing is to be managed, Checklists, and the Qualification report. Very useful so you know what you need to be proficient in to achieve a Level Qualification.

Music Proficiency Levels Qualification Standard