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The squadron Supply Department is responsible for managing the issue and exchange of the Air Cadet uniform and equipment. Cadets are issued their Distinctive Environmental Uniform (DEU) for ceremonial parades and inspections, and Field Training Uniform (FTU) for routine training and Field Training Exercises (FTX).

The Department of National Defense approves and issues on loan, the uniforms worn by Air Cadets. The care and custody of all items of clothing are your responsibility. You will be directed to go to Supply for a uniform fitting and issue at the appropriate time, although these may not be at the same time. DO NOT go to Supply unless directed to do so

Check the Weekly Routine Orders for the correct Order of Dress, to ensure you wear the right uniform for the correct activities. Check the CJCR Dress Regulations if you are unclear on what the Order of Dress is: Orders of Dress - DEU 

Responsibility for the Uniform
You are responsible for all parts of your uniform. Do not leave your uniform lying around. Mark your name in every piece of your uniform with a Fabric Pen. Return damaged or poorly fitting parts of your uniform to the Cadet Squadron supply and get new parts. If you lose any part of your uniform, ensure you report the loss to the Supply Officer as soon as possible. You must return your uniform promptly if you leave the Cadet Squadron. Be sure that you receive a receipt for any parts of your uniform that you return.

Guides on wearing the uniform

Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed with footwear cleaned and shone. Their uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times. In particular, buttons, fasteners and zippers shall be kept closed. For all cadets, hair must fit underneath a military headdress properly. Different numbered orders of dress are worn on different occasions. The orders of dress are as such listed below.

Uniform updates/replacements

For Uniform replacement parts, submit a Uniform RequestFor all other requests, contact the Supply Officer (SupO) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.